CARLSBAD, Calif. — Auto Point Inc., a provider of vehicle lifecycle management services, released today a series of video e-mails dealers can use to drive more service business.

Auto Point partnered with its sister company, Mobile Productivity Inc., a provider of fixed-ops profitability tools, and produced a library of over 240 videos. These videos will be used by Auto Point dealers to improve certain customer touch points, and to encourage the customer to return to the dealership to complete declined recommended repairs.

For example, a customer has a vehicle service performed and declines a recommended tire replacement service. An e-mail is then sent to the customer stating that the dealer noticed that he or she declined the service, and reiterates the dealer’s commitment to ensuring that the customer’s vehicle is performing at its very best. The e-mail contains a short video that explains in simple and compelling terms, the importance of replacing tires. Click here for a demo:

Auto Point offers two types of video e-mails:

- Customer Lifecycle Management: Addresses the importance of first service, personal Web pages, and reasons to service with the dealer.

- Repair: These explain how various parts of the vehicle work and why it’s important to repair or maintain them.

“Through instituting a full customer lifecycle management process, our auto dealer clients are routinely enjoying increases such as a $33,000 boost per month in service revenue,” commented Jim Roche, Auto Point founder and CEO. “We provide our dealers the benefit of de-fragmenting their owner communications processes, and deliver an outstanding return on investment. The addition of video e-mails is now the icing on the cake for our dealers.”