IRVINE, Calif. — Kia Motors America (KMA) and OneCommand have launched the Kia Owner Retention Experience (KORE), an automated, multi-channel marketing solution Kia dealers can use to increase buyer loyalty.

The KORE, which incorporates key elements of the Kia Customer 360° Service Experience, is a new service reminder program for Kia dealers that delivers timely and automated communications to customers through their preferred channel – automated voice, e-mail, text message and direct mail.  The KORE allows dealers to distribute effective communications at each of the most relevant points of a customer’s ownership lifecycle.

Leveraging OneCommand’s technology, and offered through a platform that is exclusive to Kia dealers, the KORE is designed specifically to increase customer loyalty, service retention and reduce marketing expenses.

“Growing owner service retention will help maximize our dealerships’ balanced operations and dramatically enhance their profitability,” said John Crowe, vice president of service, quality and Kia University for KMA. “Kia’s innovative KORE service reminder program is the perfect marketing tool to enable Kia dealers to cost effectively communicate with owners at the optimal time and mileage intervals in the prescribed medium the customer has chosen – voice, text, e-mail, and snail mail.” 

The program is offered to Kia dealers at a fraction of the cost of similar, less effective programs. Key benefits of the program include:

• Automated voice, text, e-mail and direct mail communications, according to customer preference

• Actionable communications customized to the consumer’s unique position in the ownership lifecycle 

• Easy implementation and 100 percent self-maintaining program, requiring no additional dealership resources

• Multi-layered support team, including in-field experts

“We are proud to bring the advantages of a program that is proven to increase service frequency and drive significant improvements in response rates while also decreasing customer defection,” said Marvin Grimm, executive vice president of OneCommand.  “With the current pressure on sales, and a lengthening vehicle ownership cycle, we believe the Kia Owner Retention Experience’s ability to cost-effectively increase loyalty, drive repeat purchase behavior, maintain current customers and improve fixed operations revenue will be critical to improving revenue, performance and ROI for participating Kia dealerships.”