DETROIT — Autodata Solutions Inc., a professional services and technology firm, announced a referral agreement with DriveItNow to offer a pre-qualified payment marketing conversion tool. 

“Pairing DriveItNow’s quoting functionality with Autodata Solutions’ OEM incentive data continues our tradition of providing leading-edge tools that motivate consumers’ purchase decisions,” said Rick Schlang, director of business development for Autodata Solutions. “The result is high quality leads that directly impact a store’s bottom line.”

DriveItNow is a payment-based calculator that can be incorporated into dealership Websites, online auctions, classified listings and manufacturer sites. The patent-pending technology provides consumers with car payment information based on credit eligibility, manufacturer rebate and incentive information and a dealer’s finance guidelines.

“Showing a real payment on a real car that the customer is credit eligible for is key to having a more qualified and ready buyer,” said Rusty Platt, program director for DriveItNow. “Adding the most complete incentive information from Autodata Solutions gives a customer the most realistic payment option to help them buy the car they want.”