HOUSTON — CAR-Research XRM announced the launch of AutoDesk, a new program designed to deliver lease rates, residuals, manufacturer incentives and rebates to desk managers in real time through the CAR-Research Desking tool.

“One of the most time consuming processes with desking a deal is structuring all of the transaction scenarios to determine the best payment,” said Kurt Kubicki, vice president of marketing for CAR-Research XRM. “This new system provides the answers in seconds.”

AutoDesk organizes and optimizes the best combination of incentives that can be stacked together to give sales managers the best possible deal scenario, according to CAR-Research XRM. The data is electronically analyzed to provide program combinations following compatibility logic for each transaction type.

The program also takes into account OEM affinity programs and automatically disallows rebate programs that are not compatible, according to CAR-Research XRM. Additionally, AutoDesk provides and displays a menu of all financial institutions that a dealer does business with, including payment and gross information for all available terms. 

The new system includes data provided by AIS Rebates and will enable dealers to select all programs available to a particular customer.