INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — iTapMenu announced the launch of a web-based F&I menu application for the Apple iPad. The company plans to go live with the tool on Jan. 16, 2012. Company officials said the app is designed to draw customers into an F&I product presentation while also offering users the ability to quickly customize the menu and make calculations on the fly.

“Customers don’t react positively when they are presented a piece of paper filled with text and columns of bland information,” said Shawn McCool, iTapMenu co-founder. “I saw an opportunity with the emergence of tablet computing. iTapMenu places the F&I selling process directly in the hands of current technology, and offers incredible flexibility and customization you obviously can’t produce using a piece of paper.”

Utilizing the iPad, products can be moved in and out of options, terms and rates can be adjusted on the fly, down payments can be increased and products can be discounted, according to iTapMenu. The customer then signs the accept/decline form on the iPad to complete the transaction.

iTapMenu offers short informational videos about each product, as well as statistical and other visual information to assist the F&I manager in presenting product features and benefits, according to the company. Real-time reporting also is built into the software, and DMS integration is available.

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