NEWTON, Mass. — String Automotive, an online marketing platform for auto dealers, introduced today the Dealer Positioning System (DPS). It is designed to help dealers attract, convert and retain more car buyers by letting their data lead the way. The DPS puts the power of analytics into the hands of dealers by consolidating and interpreting numerous sources of data to develop a customized action plan for each rooftop.

String Automotive’s patent-pending Dealer Positioning System helps auto dealers navigate today’s dynamic market with a vertically-integrated inbound marketing and analytics solution.  The DPS works seamlessly with a dealer’s existing systems to objectively make sense of internal and external data, according to the company, delivering actionable insights and competitive intelligence to improve marketing effectiveness and bottom line results. 

String is the only certified Google Analytics partner in the automotive industry — and one of only 210 in the world. Its DPS marries statistics from Google Analytics with data from the dealer’s own dealership management system and service vendors, then incorporates registration and demand data from sources like Dataium to give dealers a full picture of their marketing funnel and sales performance compared to their competitors and local market.

“Dealers have been inundated, often abused with data for years. Now, with the explosion of Big Data in automotive, for many dealers it’s just more data, and they simply don’t have time to be analysts,” stated Jason Ezell, president of Dataium. “String’s DPS has brought this capability to a new level that will change the way dealers see their business. We are proud and excited to be a small part of this launch.”

The DPS integrates with String’s other modules, including its inventory management, custom websites optimized for SEO, reputation management and strategic SEM solutions. Each module can be used alone or in conjunction with others. 

“Dealers need a set of tools to do the heavy lifting for them to take their data, as well as intelligence about their local market, interpret it and identify areas of opportunity so they can go back and act on that insight immediately, ” says Ken Kolodziej, CEO and co-founder of String Automotive. “The DPS offers multiple, innovative ways to look at data, so whether you’re a dealer principal, general manager or e-commerce director, you’ll find the level of detail you need to understand at a glance what’s happening in the dealership and the local market today.”