DETROIT — At the National Automobile Dealers Association Conference last week, Ally previewed its new flagship vehicle service contract, Ally Premier Protection.

The new product brings together enhanced features and benefits for auto consumers, powered by an intuitive and easy-to-use technology platform for dealers. The launch of Ally Premier Protection is the latest step in Ally's continued efforts to grow and diversify, while providing its dealer network with industry-leading products and services.

Both Ally Premier Protection and its related technology platform will be pilot tested at approximately 60 dealerships beginning in March. The nationwide rollout will start this summer.

"The launch of Ally Premier Protection represents an important development in the evolution of Ally's dealer products and services business, and better positions us to respond to the needs of a diverse dealer network," said Doug Timmerman, president, Ally Insurance. "Along with offering excellent F&I products, Ally delivers deeper value to our dealers by providing ongoing consulting, training and services to help them improve F&I results, address compliance issues and navigate complex business dynamics."

Ally Premier Protection will be available for new and used vehicles of virtually all makes and models, both domestic and imported brands. The contracts offer benefit enhancements compared to existing vehicle service contracts offered by the company, and were designed to be straightforward and easy to understand. Ally Premier Protection offers four different levels of coverage: Major Guard, Powertrain Wrap, Value Guard and Basic Guard. The plans provide new benefits like expanded coverage eligibility on older and higher mileage vehicles, a disappearing deductible option, and full roadside assistance. Expanded time and mileage options are also available, so that auto consumers can customize contracts to meet specific needs, officials said.

Ally Premier Protection is powered by a cutting-edge technology platform called the Vehicle Protection Center that was designed in partnership with dealers to make the administration and management of contracts easy and intuitive throughout the contract lifecycle. The platform also presents the details of the contracts in a transparent and straightforward way to educate consumers about their purchase.

The Vehicle Protection Center uses a simplified process that prevents errors, speeds transactions, adds clarity to billing and disbursements, and eases financial reconciliation. It also integrates with many Dealer Management Systems, and provides streamlined operations between Ally and dealer F&I and service departments.

Dealers that use Ally Premier Protection, or any Ally product, have access to Ally's experienced consultants to help train and educate their employees. Training builds knowledge and skills within the dealership that improves F&I performance and helps dealers navigate regulatory issues and maintain compliance, according to the company.

"Ally has more than 40 years of experience providing F&I products to more than 20 million vehicle owners," continued Timmerman. "We've leveraged that experience and expertise to build this best-in-class vehicle service contract that meets needs of both dealers and auto consumers. The combination of consumer-friendly contracts with an easy-to-use technology platform makes this a truly unique product and best of all — it's backed by Ally's outstanding service and support. "

More than 5 million consumers purchase vehicle service contracts each year to cover the costs associated with vehicle repairs. Ally Premier Protection will be offered through participating dealerships for both new and used vehicles.