LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Maximus Auto Group (MAG) has announced the release of its new MyCar Mobile app for iPhone and Android, a new online claim-filing system and e-contracting for its customers.

With these new tools, MAG, a national administrator that provides automotive protection plans for cars nationwide, is connecting its services to customers via smartphones. With its user-friendly, mobile interface, this app will enable MAG customers to view and manage their contracts, file a new claim, oversee existing claims, communicate with MAG claim reps directly through the app, call emergency roadside assistance and connect with their dealership.

“Delivering topnotch customer service has always been our top priority, and our new MyCar Mobile app is an example of using new technologies to do just that,” said MAG President Dean Harrison. “Now our customers will have easier and more convenient access to their claims service, which adds value to our products.”

In the same effort to enhance its customer service offerings, MAG has also extended its digital platform to include eXact rate and online claim filing. Just like the MyCar Mobile app, the online claim-filing service allows customers to spend minimal effort on filing claims for services like tire and wheel protection, windshield repair or replacement, key replacement, paintless dent repair, guaranteed asset protection and appearance protection.

The capability of MAG’s eXact rate product will benefit car dealers who sell MAG’s products as well as the customers who buy them, officials said. For dealers, e-contracting will simplify the amount of paperwork required for setting up new protection plans and e-rating ensures the dealer submits the correct rate for every contract. For customers, the benefit is that any coverage they buy will be put in the system immediately, which allows them to start filing claims as soon as they purchase MAG’s products.

“We always aim to create the best deal for consumers,” said Harrison. “Since our services are now quicker and easier, I think we’ve raised the bar for coverage plans across the industry.”