NEW YORK — Predictive analytics and marketing automation technology provider automotiveMastermind recently hired Scott McKenzie as vice president of operations and strategy and Fred Mather as chief commercial officer.

“As the need for predictive analytics grows, we must continue to grow with it. Bringing in Scott and Fred ensures we will be able to quickly adapt to change, while creating a strong culture that benefits our dealer partners and allows for our continued growth,” said Marco Schnabl, cofounder and CEO of automotiveMastermind. “A recent study shows that customers visit an average of 1.6 dealers before making their purchase. That underscores the need for using predictive analytics to capture that customer before they leave for another dealership. Our dealer partners have come to expect exceptional results from us and with these hires we are committed to continuing to deliver that to them.”

McKenzie brings five years of private equity investment and operations experience to his new role at Mastermind. He served as associate director at JMI Equity, where he has been working closely with Mastermind since its strategic growth investment in the company in 2016.

“My experience in private equity made me better appreciate how uniquely positioned automotiveMastermind is for success. JMI looks at thousands of businesses a year, and automotiveMastermind is one of the best assets we have spent time with during my tenure,” McKenzie said. “There are only a few businesses that get the right product to market at the right time and Mastermind is one of them.”

Mather has direct experience in financial publishing and services with companies such as Bowne and St. Ives. He also has extensive experience in the software as a service (SaaS) world, working with IntraLinks before leading the sales and publishing teams at Adtech Undertone.

“I am most excited for taking on the immense opportunity to support positive change in the relationship between leadership in the automotive industry and the customer,” Mather said. “We’re here to realize ROI and help sell more vehicles, and if we can grow and expand the relationship between the dealer, OEM and customer, we have achieved our goal.”