ORLANDO, Fla. — Automotive live chat provider ActivEngage Inc. has integrated with 700Credit to offer the ability to pull credit inside chat conversations, the company announced. The feature will be added to ActivEngage’s ActivOne digital communications solution that launched earlier this year.

As the automotive industry continues to shift toward digital retailing, the new integration offers car dealers the opportunity to leverage technology and real-time conversations; which starts the financial steps of the car buying process before consumers step into a dealership, according to ActivEngage’s Michael Third.

“Our goal at ActivEngage is to move the automotive industry forward, which is why we’ve integrated with a multitude of 700Credit products,” said Third, who serves as the company’s director of software and product development. “Finance is a key component of the car sales process, and both customers and dealers will benefit immensely from the opportunity to accelerate the process online.”

On average, 20% of ActivEngage chats result in a sales appointment. With the new credit and qualification acquisition tool, the company’s highly-trained Chat Specialists will be able to enhance sales appointment leads by sending customer credit and qualification information directly into the store’s current credit reporting system. As a result, car dealers will get more qualified shoppers to their showroom, all according to the company.

“Today’s consumers want buying experiences that are easier, faster, and more transparent,” said ActivEngage COO Ted Rubin. “This integration with 700Credit allows us to put car buyers in the driver’s seat and arrive at the dealership with more confidence in their decision to purchase. We continue to help car dealers sell cars, proving again that ActivEngage is leading the way in digital retailing for OEMs and dealerships.”