COSTA MESA, Calif. — Global consumer insights provider J.D. Power announced the launch of J.D. Power Automotive Protection Products for new-car buyers. These finance and insurance products are available now at an expanding network of new-car dealerships across the country.

“The finance and insurance market is fragmented and is often perceived negatively by consumers,” said Chris Sutton, the company’s vice president of U.S. automotive retail practice. “J.D. Power has an obligation to stand up for the consumer in everything that we do. These products carry our name because the terms and conditions have been adjusted, as well as the selling process. Customer satisfaction, both immediate and long term, is the goal.”

J.D. Power Automotive Protection Products include extended service warranties, tire protection, surface protection, GAP, key replacement, lifetime warranty, dent-and-ding, maintenance, high-tech coverage and windshield protection as an add-on. Participating dealers will be offered training and support, and car buyers will be surveyed after each claims process to  ensure an exceptional customer experience commensurate with the J.D. Power brand name, according to the company.

“The confidence inspired by our brand is something we believe will help lead new-car dealers to more sales of these important products and more satisfaction with the dealer-customer relationship in the long term,” Sutton said. “This will result in a win-win for consumers buying new cars and for dealerships selling these products.”