SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Prepaid maintenance program provider Fidelis PPM announced the addition of complimentary auto deductible reimbursement coverage as a new program benefit.

The addition was designed to bring unique market and competitive advantages to Fidelis PPM’s new-car, independent and buy here, pay here dealers, including prepaid, discount-priced routine maintenance services and a personal-identification restoration service. Collectively known as Auto Advantage, the benefits are offered in partnership with the AssurancePlus Group.

“Fidelis prepaid maintenance already packs a wallop of value that builds a dealer’s service business and provides real economic value to their customers,” said Ryan Williams, president of Fidelis PPM. “Now, through our partner AssurancePlus, Fidelis PPM broadens this appeal and worth in a unique offering to our industry.”

Fidelis PPM reports that consumers using its plan stay loyal to their dealer long after their vehicle purchase. Eight-five percent of customers returned to the dealership multiple times during the first year of plan activity. Sixty-five percent continued to do so for up to five years.

On average, plan users will add $70 in repair-order upsell revenue per visit to the service department, Williams said, noting that that prepaid plan holders who regularly use its benefits save on average nearly $400 a year over the retail cost of the services a dealer packages in the PPM they offer, such as oil services, tire rotations, and other routine maintenance services.

“Now Fidelis PPMs with Auto Advantage provides even more value to dealers’ customers — auto collision or comprehensive deductibles are reimbursed up to $500 per loss at no charge to the dealer or the customer,” he added.

Visit Fidelis PPM at Booth 2967C at the 2018 NADA convention in Las Vegas.