LAS VEGAS — CDK Global today announced the launch of the Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange, a plug-and-play platform designed to allow developers, OEMs, and dealers to leverage, build, innovate, and securely integrate solutions and workflows to transform business.

Powered by a technology engine equipped with universal connections and protocols and designed to enable a true exchange of data in an open and secure global network, the platform allows for easy integration of capabilities designed to increase sales, operation efficiency, and profitability for dealers and OEMs.

Software developers can offer customers new solutions in a secure ecommerce environment, while dealers can find new solutions and connect them with others to develop unique and customer experiences that provide new efficiencies.

“We recognized that our industry is ready for an entirely new and collaborative approach to address the major roadblocks that are impeding innovation that leads to better customer experiences,” said CDK Global CEO Brian MacDonald. “We have been listening, and we know the entire industry wants faster and simpler ways to create solutions that can build a competitive advantage. Given the primary role that CDK plays in the industry, along with its technological scale, we are uniquely positioned to reimagine how the automotive industry connects and to bring Fortellis to life.”

At its core, Fortellis is about enabling connections and building communities. Many innovations and services are being created today, but there is no universal way to connect them to dealer workflows or with each other to create entirely new experiences. Fortellis allows publishers of advanced solutions and consumers of those solutions to come together in a collaborative community to work better, faster and smarter.

“When we look at all the systems and tools that dealers need to keep up with the changing marketplace, there is no easy way to weave together new solutions without a significant amount of custom development and integration,” said Rajiv Amar, executive vice president and chief technology officer at CDK Global. “Fortellis streamlines the process for dealers and OEMs as well as software developers, allowing them to easily select and combine the solutions and services they want without reinventing the wheel each time. And it makes changing those services a simple administrative function.”