LAS VEGAS — Predictive analytics and marketing automation solutions provider automotiveMastermind (div. IHS Markit) announced the launch of its conquestMastermind marketing solution at last week’s National Automobile Dealers Association convention in Las Vegas.

Billed as the first conquest-oriented solution based on the integration of Polk Predictive Audiences, conquestMastermind was designed to enable dealers to target, engage and win conquest customers like never before, earning a distinct competitive advantage, executives said.

“conquestMastermind leverages modeled data by targeting the exact customers who don’t currently have a sales relationship with a dealer, are in that dealer’s area of influence, and are ready to buy — it’s that simple,” said Johannes Gnauck, founder and co-CEO, with Marco Schnabl, of automotiveMastermind. “Dealers can then see which customers were targeted, why they were targeted and how to contact them with an offer that meets their specific needs. All of this provides awareness and transparency to the customer which helps build better relationships and therefore, sales, by converting previously unknown customers into retention customers.”

“Polk Predictive Audiences from IHS Markit are the driving force behind the quality selection of customers to target,” Schnabl added. “The audience data is then integrated into Mastermind’s proven proprietary algorithm. All targeted customers are shown in the intuitive dashboard, and all actions are captured and displayed. … The combination of all this activity streamlines the sales process for dealer partners and for their customers.”