ATLANTA — ELEAD1ONE has released a free ebook called “The Auto Dealer’s Guide to Digital Retailing.” Designed to be a resource for dealers, the ebook presents an in-depth review of the challenges involved with purchasing a vehicle online, and of current consumer and dealer expectations. Additionally, the ebook shares practical tips on how to prepare a dealership for changes associated with digital retailing.

“Dealers can no longer ignore rising consumer demand to complete at least some of the vehicle purchase process online, but many dealers have concerns about the technology,” said Bill Wittenmyer, Partner of ELEAD1ONE. “Our vision is that dealerships will remain central to the online car-buying process. This ebook presents a business model that expands opportunities, not limits them.”

“The Auto Dealer’s Guide to Digital Retailing” provides guidance on how to integrate online car-buying with a dealership’s current sales process. Industry sales trainers Jim Ziegler and Mark Tewart contribute their insights and advice for dealers who are considering implementing a digital retailing solution.

The ebook addresses process changes that will inevitably occur due to an online car-buying process, including staff roles and responsibilities. A digital retailing solution checklist is provided for dealers in the process of researching vendors.

“Even though consumer adoption rates for complete transactions online will be relatively slow, dealers need to act quickly before third-party solutions gain brand awareness and market share among car shoppers,” said Wittenmyer.

To download a copy of the new ebook, click here.