NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — Automotive marketing provider Vboost announced the release of Vboost 3.0, which includes two new products aimed at increasing auto dealers’ viral marketing audience: Vboost Live and Vboost Showroom.

Vboost Live was designed to integrate with the dealer’s website and post customer videos in real time, creating thousands of pages of searchable content and increasing organic search results. Billed as “digital signage at its best,” Vboost Showroom surrounds customers with positive content by bringing social media into the dealership’s showroom: every post, review, photo, and “happy customer” video populates showroom flat screens in real time.

“The most powerful form of marketing is word-of-mouth, and social media is the word-of-mouth of today, said Paul Moran, Vboost’s president and CEO. “We offer the only form of advertising that gets posted for you by your customers, which is the best way to become part of the online conversation that goes on during the buying cycle. I am very excited by the results of Vboost Live and Vboost Showroom which are included in our latest version, Vboost 3.0. Our new platform and features are further boosting viral marketing performance for our auto dealer clients.”