DETROIT — Fixed ops solutions provider Singlethread has released “Low-Hanging Fruit in the Service Department,” a new white paper offered free of charge to auto dealers. The authors are the company’s co-founders, Will Mapes and Patrick Southward, who work with dealers to optimize the service department experience — and maximize revenue — by streamlining and accelerating the repair process.

“Customers often assume that communication will be poor, they won’t have transparency in price or services completed, or that they will have to wait in a long line when picking up their vehicle,” said Mapes. “With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to eliminate these problems and create long-term customer retention.”

The white paper makes the case for equipping the service team with a communication platform that offers a single, intuitive interface that service personnel use to text message customers, communicate internally, create inspection reports and quotes, and send mobile invoices that customers can pay by phone.

“This technology has made it simple to solve some of the most common pain points in the service department. I encourage dealers to check out the white paper see how easy it is to make life easier for their customers, their employees, and themselves,” said Southward.

To read or download “Low-Hanging Fruit in the Service Department” for no charge, click here.