NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. — Wheel’s Automotive Dealer Supplies Inc. and, two companies that specialize in vehicle signage and information, have teamed up to jazz up the Monroney Label and add a little merchandising punch to the mandated sheet of paper.

The new venture, according to officials with both companies, has led to the first significant upgrade and merchandising improvement in decades for this essential information label. The Automobile Information Disclosure Act of 1958 mandated the disclosure of equipment and pricing on each new automobile sold in the United States. The Monroney window sticker was named after Senator Mike Monroney from Oklahoma.

“It’s about time,” said Richard Ashworth, Wheel’s president. “Now buyers will truly take notice of these dealer-branded Monroney Labels, because they’re merchandised more professionally to attract shopper attention and deliver a silent, 24/7 sales story.”

Wheel’s specializes in innovative marketing products for automotive retailers. One if its more popular Monroney Label holders is Magic Cling, a reusable car-window label holder that offers like-new merchandising appeal.

Wheel’s Magic Cling window sticker holders can be custom ordered in any size or shape. These holders leave no residue when removed from car windows, and they can be reused up to 50 times, according to the company. It is one of several types of Monroney Label holders available from

While each new vehicle is delivered with a factory-applied Monroney Label, used-car departments and used-car dealers must source this vehicle data from VIN explosions, and print and apply — or attach online digital versions to each corresponding vehicle for sale online. 

“Seventy percent of vehicles listed for sale on the internet are missing or have misdirected factory options listed,” said Ned Nielsen, a former multi-franchised dealer who now serves as president of “We help dealers ensure this vital seller information is present on each used car, and now, with our venture with Wheel’s Auto, this essential label is presented in such a way it builds value into that vehicle in the shopper’s mind.”