Leduc, Alberta — Maximum Dealer Solutions Inc. is officially opened for business, Bev De Rocco, president of the income development company, announced this week.

Rocco said she’s brought together veterans in the automotive aftermarket industry through a strategic partnership with four standalone businesses that will now operate as one. Her first hire was Jeff White, an F&I trainer in Canada and president of Peak Training Inc.

“Jeff has done every job at every level in a dealership,” Rocco said. “He brings to us 30 years of automotive experience, and his innovation has many trainers up here saying they are ‘more Jeff White like.’ So why not have the best in the industry leading the charge?”

White added: “I figured we could cover any need that might arise by forming an alliance. We have over 100 years of automotive experience in this group, and we understand your business and we realize the shortcomings of supplier training. They are great for product knowledge, but none of them have been a $4,800 per unit F&I manager.”

White was a Peak & Summit Award winner as an F&I manager for a Ford Dealership before opening Peak Training Inc. in 2008. The firm works with more than 30 import and domestic dealerships.

“Whether it’s F&I Training, distance videos for selling protection packages, CSI, increasing service absorption rates, online reputation management, sales training or sales amplification, we have the skills and tools to do it all,” said De Rocco. “There are not many choices in Canada for truly effective independent automotive consulting. We just felt there was a huge void and we’ve filled that today.”

Maximum Dealer Solution is also partnered with DealerReview, which specializes in helping dealerships hit their CSI zone targets, boosting service absorption levels, and managing online reputations.

"DealerReview was the natural choice,” De Rocco said. “The team there has such a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the dealer’s business. They created the perfect after-sale follow-up system that encompasses online reviews, CSI, and service absorption.”

Byran Bulynx, DealerReview’s founding partner, added: “We wanted to create a system dealers could set and forget and still get the results we know are important to the health of their business. I believe we have achieved just that.”

Maximum Dealer Solutions is also partnered with the Autoblynk Referral Rewards program, which, according to the company’s press release, “was designed to support the next step in the rapidly evolving modern day car buying journey.”

Ray Romeo serves as CEO of Autoblynk LLC and brings knowledge in both sales training and the Autoblynk software. “The Autoblynk Sales Amplification Engine will help turn your happy customers into more customers by making referring others to your dealership fast, fun, and well worth doing,” he said. “Dealers can leverage those positive purchase experiences and explode their dealership's growth from the inside out with Autoblynk Referral Rewards.”

As for the new partnership with De Rocco and White, Romeo added: “Bev worked at ADESA and Jeff is a car guy through and through. They are both great people and we are thrilled to have them representing us in Canada.”