IRVINE, Calif. — LoJack, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CalAmp (Nasdaq: CAMP) has released, “Raise the Bar for Lead Conversion and Service Retention,” a new insights guide for auto dealers and F&I professionals. The report, which is available now as a free download, details the damage done to sales, F&I and service department efforts when such simple mistakes as losing track of inventory and allowing batteries to go dead extend customer wait times and build anxiety among showroom staff.

“As consumers continue to conduct more of the car buying process online, there’s more pressure than ever to deliver a seamless in-dealership customer experience. Combine that with shrinking front-end profits, and it’s clear dealers are in need of a solution. An effective inventory management system can deliver just that,” said Steve Manzi, director of product management for LoJack.

LoJack makes the case for adopting new and widely available tools to help create and maintain efficient, reliable demo cycles, instantly locate vehicles and identify units with dead or dying batteries. They suggest coupling such tools with a consumer-facing, connected car solution — typically in the form of a mobile app — to establish and maintain two-way communication among dealers and customers and create new sales opportunities for F&I.

LoJack’s experts back their argument with data from Cox Automotive and internal dealer surveys. Among the findings, more than half (57%) of car buyers make first contact with their dealership by walking in, and nearly two-thirds (60%) of dealership personnel said the inability to locate a vehicle jeopardized a sale in the past three months.

To learn more, download a PDF of “Raise the Bar for Lead Conversion and Service Retention” here.