Sarasota, Fla. — Proactive Dealer Solutions is partnering with Cactus Sky Communications (CSC) on a lead-response program called the Pot of Gold, the two companies announced this week.

The Pot of Gold Program is designed to provide intuitive e-mail responses to leads by continuing to maintain contact with the lead until such time as the prospective customer “buys” or “dies.” Featured is CSC’s Adaptive Sequence Messaging technology, which sends e-mails based on the prospect’s interest. 

“We pride ourselves on being the BDC Experts, and this advanced program is a necessity to any BDC department,” Lawson Owen, management partner of Proactive Dealer Solutions, said. “We have successfully set up more than 3,000 BDC departments and I know that this program will be an asset to offer to our clients.”

Proactive Dealer Solutions is a training and consulting company located in Huntersville, N.C. It’s main goal is to drive traffic to its dealer clients and help them capitalize on those leads. The Pot of Gold program represents the company’s latest service to help dealers generate fresh leads for their business development centers.