LOS ANGELES — Total Car Score, an automotive ranking and comparison website, announced today the 10 Best American Cars for 2012. This year's top spot goes to the 2012 Cadillac CTS luxury sedan.

As the nation prepares to mark Independence Day, Total Car Score's list of the 10 Best American Cars reflects the strength and quality of the domestic auto industry. The rankings represent nearly every category of car, including luxury sedans, SUVs, crossovers and large wagons.

"The Detroit Big 3 have quickly rebounded to produce some of the highest rated cars on the market, and America clearly hasn't lost its grip on the large SUV or high-performance sedan segments,” said Karl Brauer, editor in chief and CEO of Total Car Score. “All three manufacturers made the Top 10 list with at least one 'tuner' version of their mainstream sedans, confirming Detroit muscle is alive and well.”

Aside from the Cadillac earning the top spot with its CTS luxury sedan, General Motors also captured six of the Top 10 spots with hits from Buick, Chevrolet, GMC and a total of three Cadillac models. Ford's Taurus SHO and Flex represent the Blue Oval's best, while two versions of Chrysler's venerable 300 sedans confirm its continued appeal.

"It's worth noting that while no compact domestic models made the list, Ford's 2012 Focus was less than half a point behind the 300 SRT8,” Brauer noted. “With a growing emphasis on small cars and high fuel efficiency, it's likely we'll see a domestic economy car in next year's Top 10 Best American Cars list."

Total Car Score allows car buyers and enthusiasts alike to compare vehicles quickly and easily across all automotive segments. The "Total Car Score" is one comprehensive number assigned to a vehicle that represents an overall industry assessment from major automotive authorities. All vehicles are model-year 2012 with at least five source ratings that comprise the Total Car Score.

1. Cadillac CTS

Total Car Score: 86.49

A superb Total Car Score for the 2012 Cadillac CTS shows just how appealing this American entry luxury car is. Another telling illustration is when reviewers compare it favorably to European rivals, who used to have this segment sewn up.


2. Buick LaCrosse

Total Car Score: 85.01

The 2012 Buick Lacrosse has the highest Total Car Scores in the Large Sedan Category. It is the car charged with taking the brand's old school image in a more youthful direction. Reviewers praised the Lacrosse for its quiet ride, responsive handling, strong V6 engine and available all-wheel-drive.


3. Chevrolet Traverse

Total Car Score: 84.87

The Traverse's most obvious attraction is its sizable eight-passenger interior, which features an uncommonly adult-friendly third-row seat. Less obvious but no less important is the relatively smooth ride and nimble handling that puts old school truck-based SUVs to shame.


4. Ford Flex

Total Car Score: 84.44

Though its distinctive looks may not appeal to everyone, it's hard to argue with the top-flight Total Car Score racked up by the 2012 Ford Flex. The long list of positives cited by reviewers starts with the Flex's roomy, comfortable interior and excellent crash test ratings.


5. GMC Acadia

Total Car Score: 84.18

Located in the sweet spot between traditional truck-based SUVs and minivans, the 2012 GMC Acadia has received enough positive reviews to earn itself a high Total Car Score in the very competitive Large SUV & Crossover segment.


6. Cadillac CTS-V

Total Car Score: 83.65


7. Chrysler 300

Total Car Score: 83.29


8. Ford Taurus SHO

Total Car Score: 83.22


9. Cadillac SRX

Total Car Score: 83.01


10. Chrysler 300 SRT-8

Total Car Score: 82.59