SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Digital Air Strike and iMagicLab announced this week a partnership that gives dealerships using Response Logix and iMagicLab solutions a more robust level of integration. This partnership enhances the functionality of both products and gives dealers more tools to enhance their ability to follow up with prospects during the entire sales process.

“The enhanced integration between our Response Logix system and the iMagicLab DealerCRM program has produced a more streamlined process that combines the iMagicLab DealerCRM functionality with our rapid and continuous prospect follow up solutions,” said Tom Mohr, president, co-founder and CEO of Digital Air Strike. “This partnership is a great example of how powerful technologies and companies dedicated to dealer success can be combined to further improve a dealer’s sales process and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.”

Both systems can now automatically updated seamlessly, giving dealers new features, including synchronized lead assignment and automatic pause of SmartFollow e-mail campaign after a vehicle is sold. Additionally, all SmartQuote and SmartFollow marketing communications between a dealer and prospects are visible in each prospect’s DealerCRM record.

“We are always proactively working to provide our dealers with the best set of tools to help them succeed,” said Tom Harsha, president of iMagicLab’s automotive division. “This synergistic integration will increase the effectiveness and power of the iMagicLab DealerCRM and the Response Logix lead management system for dealers that use both solutions.”

Interested dealers should contact Digital Air Strike or iMagicLab for more information.