NEW YORK — Videology, a digital video advertising platform and solutions provider, is now offering, through its relationship with Polk, a targeted video and display advertising at scale against discrete auto consumer segments across three screens.

Through this integration, and additional work with Datalogix, Videology can now provide auto manufacturers, as well as regional or local dealers, an integrated, cross-screen advertising platform to reach consumers likely to be in-market or to have a greater affinity for a particular vehicle or brand.

Also, using Polk data, Videology can identify the ideal automotive "hot spots" based on geographic registration data for a type of car — including markets with a high penetration of luxury car buyers, or even for specific makes and models. The ability to identify and target these "hot spots" across devices allows auto marketers to reduce waste while achieving sufficient scale against their targeted consumers across all screens — including online, mobile devices and connected TV.

"We first partnered with Polk last year to offer 'hot spot' targeted campaigns for online video," said Aleck Schleider, vice president of data and analytics with Videology. "Based on the success of that initiative, we worked to extend this product to include both video and display advertising, as well as mobile devices and connected TV.

“The roll out of this product follows the overall strategy of our company. We are working to break down the silos between devices and ad formats, which is more in line with the way consumers are using media and allows advertisers to gain a truer measure of overall ROI."

A Videology analysis found that automotive was the second highest spending ad category in online video in the second quarter at 13 percent of the total spend, up from 6 percent in the first quarter of this year (Videology, total U.S. impressions). While some of this increase may be cyclical based on seasonality, more auto advertisers are embracing the targeting and customizable creative abilities of video, tied to measurable ROI return.

"We began working with Videology to bring our data intelligence to online video last year," said Paula Skier, Polk's senior product marketing manager for digital products. "Even within the relatively short time period that we have been working together, consumers' use of mobile media and other connected devices have grown, and auto advertisers' demand for consistent data across screens has escalated. We're thrilled that together with Videology, we're now able to answer the need for device-agnostic delivery of Polk data."