HOUSTON — OnlineDrive, a company focused on inbound marketing and lead conversion, has launched an incentive-based behavioral marketing platform designed to drive up conversion rates and showroom traffic.

“This is a game changer for auto dealer websites,” said Larry Bruce, OnlineDrive president and CEO. “Dealers can now target and automate offers based on visitor behavior, getting them closer to the conversion event with a compelling offer and call-to-action.”

Showroom Magnet, a behavioral marketing platform owned by OnlineDrive, targets leads with its engine before online visitors even land on the dealership website. The engine takes into account everything from where the visitor has browsed before landing on the homepage to the actions taken while on the dealership site. Based on these behaviors, Showroom Magnet will target the messaging and offers to the particular user, personalizing the experience and further engaging the prospect.

“Every person’s Internet path is different. For instance, one person may land on your website after viewing a news page, while another’s path includes AutoTrader.com,” said Bruce. “Showroom Magnet’s behavioral targeting engine would recognize that the browser came from the AutoTrader website and change the messaging and test drive offer accordingly. This places the offer closest to the customer’s motivation, further increasing leads, shows and, ultimately, sales.”

In addition to targeted messaging, Showroom Magnet’s behavioral engine also enables dealerships to geo-target visitors based on their location. For visitors to the dealership’s website from neighboring towns, Showroom Magnet changes its message to fit the area from which the lead is coming.  In addition, if the location of the visitor is further out, the engine increases the incentive offer to further entice the customer.