VENICE, Calif. —SureSale announced the launch of the SureSale Certified Marketplace, where dealers can promote vehicles certified by the company to in-market consumers. The site also offers a program that allows dealers to market vehicles before their certified through the company’s pre-owned marketing program.  

The SureSale Certified Marketplace, which is dedicated to showcasing vehicles up to 150,000 miles and 15 years of age, specifically targets and attracts the growing population of used-vehicle shoppers who are looking for a certified vehicle.

"The new SureSale Certified Marketplace's Express listings program allows dealers who are not yet participating in this booming market to get in early and easily to 'test the certified waters,’” said Jeffrey Schwartz, president and CEO of SureSale. “All it takes is a few minutes, and SureSale does the rest, automatically publishing eligible-to-be-certified inventory across the marketplace.”

Industry data confirms that the certified marketplace is thriving and on track to surpass last year's record-breaking sales. Meanwhile dealers who are certifying older, high-mileage vehicles are reporting turn rates that are more than 60 percent faster than that of the average used vehicle and an additional 23 percent or $2,300 per-vehicle gross on average.

Schwartz added: "And because we can display certified eligible vehicles as 'on-demand' — meaning consumers can request certification, but dealers are under no obligation to provide it — dealers maintain complete control of their inventory, while at the same time having the opportunity to reap the benefits of these high-value buyers if they choose to certify."