OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — NCM Associates, a dealer consulting firm that also provides automotive 20 Groups, has team with technology provider vAuto to create Velocity Dealer 20 Groups, an invite-only program designed for subscribers of vAuto’s products and its Velocity Method of Management philosophy.

Three Velocity 20 Groups are now being organized with simultaneous charter group meetings to be held April 14 to 16 in Chicago. The first-ever Velocity 20 Groups will be managed and moderated by NCM Associates. The initial meetings in Chicago will establish the groups’ framework and future meeting schedules.

“This is not just a typical 20 Group, but rather a peer-collaboration environment focusing on velocity-centric conversations, best practices and meaningful plans of action,” said Dale Pollak, vAuto founder. “I’ve always considered it a primary responsibility to facilitate a network of like-minded, top-performing dealerships. The Velocity 20 Group through NCM will create a high-caliber, collaborative environment that benefits the entire velocity community.”

The Velocity 20 groups will serve dealers who have adopted vAuto’s Velocity Method of Management, which combines technology and live market data to help dealers manage their used-vehicle operations from a time-sensitive, return on investment (ROI) perspective. vAuto pioneered the use of market-based metrics to help dealers make ROI-focused used-vehicle management decisions to meet the needs of today’s more Internet-driven, margin-compressed and volatile marketplace.

“The Internet has changed the used-car business forever,” said vAuto’s Pollak. “The dealers who are embracing this new reality are managing their used-vehicle capital investments with live market data to help them read and react to buyer behavior and maintain the highest possible profitability. We’re excited for the role the Velocity 20 Groups will play at helping dealers  share what’s working — and what isn’t — with their velocity peers, making them even more successful.”  

Paul A. Faletti Jr., NCM president and CEO, commended vAuto for its latest commitment to the success of its velocity dealer clients.  “While technology provides new insights and allows us to be more nimble and efficient, it also challenges us to shift our thinking and adjust our processes to take full advantage of the opportunities, which is not an easy task,” he said. “Recognizing this, vAuto is fully supporting these Velocity 20 Groups to give its clients a structured, face-to-face venue for sharing best practices and helping each other through the inevitable challenges a new paradigm presents.”