AUSTIN, Texas — SMART Payment Plan, a financial technology firm specializing in consumer bill payments, received the Diamond Award for outstanding customer support, service and value in the ninth annual Auto Dealer Monthly Dealers’ Choice Awards.

The award, presented in the Bi-Weekly Payment category, was officially announced in the magazine’s April issue.

“For 10 years, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of customers simplify their lives, ease budgeting, improve cash flow, payoff loans faster, and save money,” said David Engelman, CEO of SMART Payment Plan. “We are excited that Auto Dealer Monthly has recognized us as a market leader for our ability to help dealers sell more vehicles and create happier repeat customers who return faster and in better equity positions.”

SMART Payment Plan has simplified the bill-paying process by automatically deducting smaller bill and loan payments from a customer’s bank account on a schedule that coincides with their pay schedule. By making smaller and more frequent payments, customers are able to pay off debt faster and save money by reducing the amount of interest they are charged. SMART Payment Plan works to pay down automobile loans, boat and student loans, as well as home mortgages, credit cards and other types of debt, Engelman said.

The Diamond Dealers’ Choice Award is presented annually to the automotive industry’s highest rated vendors, suppliers and financial companies based upon their products or services, customer service, their overall value, and on whether auto dealers would recommend their product or service to customers or other dealers.

Three awards are given in each category: Diamond, the highest, Platinum and Gold. To win, dealership personnel who have first-hand knowledge and experience with a nominee must rate them among the top three highest performing companies in each category.