WAYNE, Pa. — MaximTrak Technologies announced the formation of a preferred partnership with Allstate Dealer Services. The collaboration was launched to provide digital F&I solutions for agents and their auto dealer customers retailing Allstate’s aftermarket products.

“MaximTrak’s technology makes the F&I experience more transparent and helps consumers understand the products and their benefits,” said Thomas Hackett, national sales director for Allstate Dealer Services. “Allstate’s goal is to ensure consumers have the best vehicle protection products, and our partnership with MaximTrak is a great step towards this goal.”

MaximTrak’s offerings include FLITE, the company’s interactive digital showroom experience platform, and its F&I menu system, known as MenuTrak. As a RouteOne company, MaximTrak also brings extensive additional sales leverage to Allstate’s customers, including leadership in econtracting. RouteOne has booked more than 11 million econtracts to date and has more than 60 finance sources in its “rapidly growing” econtracting customer base, noted MaximTrak President Jim Maxim Jr.

“Since we launched FLITE, system usage has rapidly grown along with meaningful results for dealers and their customers,” Maxim said. “Dealers who retail Allstate Dealer Services’ products will now benefit from the power of FLITE and the MaximTrak global F&I platform to drive more profit from their business, while giving their customers a more engaging and transparent experience.”

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