FORT WAYNE, Ind. — Vision Dealer Solutions today released VisionMenu 4.0, an enhanced version of VisionMenu Classic.

The new software joins VisionMenu, VisionTouch, VisionReport, vSignature, Paperless Deal Jacket, and Remote F&I among the company’s dealer-targeted product lineup.

“We are excited to release this upgraded version to all of our existing menu users at no charge,” said Ron Martin, president of Vision Dealer Solutions. “4.0 has many upgrades but my favorite feature of it is the user can easily create menu templates. This setup feature accommodates most any presentation, whether it’s a one- to four-column with multiple payments or a two-column complete vs. needs analysis menu. All F&I managers at the store can store as many templates in the menu library as they want, and the menus are accessible for all deliveries.”

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