Urbandale, Ind.—Flick Fusion has launched AutoSpin 360, a ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence and Image Recognition technology designed to transform consumers’ online vehicle shopping experience. AutoSpin 360 makes it easy for dealerships to create 360° Exterior & Interior interactive presentations of their vehicle inventory, increasing customer engagement and conversion rates from vehicle detail pages (VDPs) and from text and email video communications.

There’s simply no better way to get shoppers interacting with your inventory online than to let them experience it the way that they (each individual shopper) wants to experience it.

Flick Fusion’s AutoSpin 360 displays automated clickable “hotspots.” When a car shopper clicks on a hotspot, a window pops up and displays information about that feature. For example, if a viewer wants to know more about the infotainment system in a vehicle, they simply click on the hotspot in the interactive display and a window pops up with information about that system.

“There’s simply no better way to get shoppers interacting with your inventory online than to let them experience it the way that they (each individual shopper) wants to experience it. And adding a 360° Interactive Presentation to your online merchandising (photos, inventory videos, and vehicle descriptions) can make certain that you are providing each individual shopper with the very best shopping experience possible, while simultaneously getting the shopper more emotionally attached to a vehicle,” said Tim James, COO of Flick Fusion. “The best part about AutoSpin 360° is that the entire interactive production process can be automated. Dealers don’t need any special equipment or special apps, and they don’t need to change their current merchandising process in any way. AutoSpin 360° can utilize the dealership’s existing merchandising assets (photos, videos, data feeds) to automatically create the interactive presentation. It doesn’t matter what order the photos were taken or delivered to us in. Our Artificial Intelligence and Image Recognition will look at each photo and determine if it belongs in a 360° Interactive Presentation and if so, where in the presentation it should reside. It then instantly builds the 360° presentation, associates any additional images that should be attached to the presentation, and then automatically associates any hotspots that it recognizes from the images and/or data feed.” 

As an additional feature, dealerships and their lot service or photography vendors can use smartphones or cameras to capture 360° presentations, then instantly upload them with Flick Fusion’s mobile application. 

The completed AutoSpin 360 interactive presentations are displayed on dealerships’ VDPs in blazing fast, customizable multimedia players that can simultaneously feature the dealership’s photos, inventory videos, value proposition & testimonial videos, along with the Exterior 360° and Interior 360° interactive presentations.

Flick Fusion’s AutoSpin 360° interactive presentations provide dealers with greater insight into their customers’ online shopping behaviors with complete reporting on consumer engagement with the interactive presentations, no matter where the presentations are posted, including third-party sites and social media platforms. Views, clicks and other viewer interactions are trackable, and this data can be pushed into the dealership’s CRM for real-time account updates and activity notifications. 

Flick Fusion has integrated AutoSpin 360° with a large number of website partners.Additionally, AutoSpin 360° interactive presentations are easily integrated into a dealership’s video email and texting campaigns, as well as live video calling technologies. 

Dealers can also choose to generate inventory vehicle videos from AutoSpin 360°presentations, with no additional time or effort beyond their normal merchandising process.

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