Fort Wayne, Ind. – Vision Dealer Solutions, a provider of F&I Menus, eCommerce and eSignature tools, announced that it has expanded its available offerings through the CDK Global Partner Program, the largest marketplace of third-party automotive applications and integrations. CDK Global, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated information technology solutions to the automotive retail industry.

Vision Dealer Solutions has introduced new offerings within its VisionMenu product, which integrates with the CDK document storage solution. VisionMenu will now have a more seamless integration to populate the F&I menu, write back to the CDK DMS and send any document, whether it is eSigned or not, to the document storage solution.

“Dealers are using our vSignature technology to easily eSign documents, such as the F&I Menu, Disclosure, Product Contracts or any other document scanned into the eSign ceremony,” says Ron Martin, president of Vision Dealer Solutions. “Now, CDK customers can send those eForms to the CDK deal folder with a single click.”

In addition, VisionTouch, Vision Dealer Solutions’ customer centric solution, will now be available through the CDK Partner Program. This tool may be used on all touch devices, including desktop and mobile displays. VisionTouch can be used for a customer self-interview with video product endorsements, a sales person product sales set up tool for F&I and for the Finance department customer sales and signing ceremony. There is even a remote one click connection capability to a customer’s mobile phone.

“The CDK Partner Program is a powerful network that serves both dealers and their customers,” said Howard Gardner, vice president and general manager, CDK Data Services. “We’re very pleased to introduce these new offerings from Vision Dealer Solutions to our growing CDK network.”

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Originally posted on Auto Dealer Today

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