OXNARD, Calif. — CalAmp Corp., a provider of wireless products, services and solutions, has unveiled a new tamper-resistant vehicle tracking product, called Aercept PLUS, for the automotive finance market.

The Aercept PLUS solution includes a tamper-resistant, internal back-up battery, along with low-battery warning and power-interrupt notification features. This combination lets the customer know when the vehicle’s battery is disabled or the CalAmp tracker's disconnected.

The Aercept PLUS solution incorporates CalAmp’s super-sensitive, 50-channel GPS satellite tracking technology and a robust GSM cellular modem for wireless data communications. The compact tracker features a 700 mAh internal battery for extended field life and eliminates the need for a separate, external back-up battery. With internal GPS and GSM antennas, the PLUS hardware is both quick to install and easy to conceal. All hardware is built to United States military standards for shock and vibration.

Aercept PLUS is a total-solution package that includes online vehicle tracking and account management via a secure, password-protected Website. Special software allows users to monitor and control the status of their vehicles, issue payment reminders, track the vehicle’s location on digital street maps and disable the starter to initiate recovery.

This solution can be used by vehicle finance companies, buy-here, pay-here dealers, vehicle rental companies and fleet owner/operators.

“This high-value tracking solution expands the capability of our Aercept offering for auto lenders and dealers, providing them an even more secure option for safe-guarding their mobile assets. Aercept PLUS is the tamper-resistant answer to knowing where your vehicles are at all times,” said Kevin Christensen, CalAmp Telemetric Systems senior director of business development and marketing.