McLEAN, Va. — The deadline to participate in the 2014 NADA-ATD Dealership Workforce Study has been extended to June 30 to provide members of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and American Truck Dealers (ATD) ample opportunity to submit their data. 

The study provides participating dealers with individual and aggregated peer data, as well as national and regional data, on compensation and benefits, retention and turnover, and work schedules and hours of operation. With the results, dealers can make more informed, data-based decisions on recruiting and retention.

“As more and more dealers learn about this study, they don’t want to miss out on the chance to take part and get their hands on information that can help them gain an edge in their market,” said Wesley L. Lutz, chairman of NADA’s Dealership Operations Committee and a new-car dealer in Jackson, Mich. “We want to be sure that all interested dealerships have that opportunity.”

Participation in the study is available exclusively to NADA and ATD member dealerships at no cost. They will receive a complimentary, customized basic report comparing their individual data against data aggregated on a regional and national basis. 

They will also receive a complimentary Dealership Workforce Study Industry Report, which captures, analyzes and tabulates dealership workforce data for every U.S. region.

There are separate processes for single dealership and dealer group enrollments. Participants in the 2013 study will find this year’s survey conveniently pre-populated with their previous answers, which can be changed as necessary. Reports will be sent to the contact designated as soon as it is available.