LAKEWOOD, N.Y. — Fidelis PPM has partnered with National Auto Care (NAC). The partnership will provide National Auto Care with the ability to add a custom-branded prepaid maintenance program to its product roster.

“When we look to form partnerships, we look to align ourselves with other companies that have great industry reputations and a history of successful innovations behind them,” Fidelis PPM Executive Vice President of Ryan Williams said. “That’s why we are particularly excited to partner with National Auto Care, a top-tier administrator and industry leader. All of our partnerships are highly strategic — we want to provide agents and their dealer clients with easy solutions allowing them to be more productive and more profitable.”

Customer retention has become even more of a hot button issue for dealers as dealership options for service and vehicle sales are endless. Thanks to this partnership, agents selling NAC’s new PPM program will be able to offer their dealers a robust product featuring integrations with numerous F&I eMenu providers and DMS software, as well as e-commerce solutions. Officials also said the product will provide proven return-on-investment shown via DRIV Customer Retention Software, which is proprietary to Fidelis PPM; and turnkey marketing for in-store and out-of-store customers.

“All of us at National Auto Care are excited about our strategic partnership with Fidelis PPM. We look forward to bringing a superior and competitive maintenance product to our client base that they can offer dealerships nationwide,” said National Auto Care’s VP of Sales Courtney Wanderon.