DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. — CreditMiner said this week it will showcase its first augmented reality solution, DealerAR, at this month's National Automobile Dealer Association (NADA) convention. According to company officials, the solution will allow consumers to experience a fully interactive 4-D view of their vehicle, its warranty coverage and components inside the showwroom, F&I office and on the service lane.

To experience augmented reality, consumers will equip themselves with augmented reality glasses that will make it appear as if the vehicle image showing on a computer display is being pulled out of the screen. Dealership personnel will then be able to manipulate the vehicle so it can be viewed at any angle to highlight covered components, offers for additional coverage, color, trim and package options, as well as view accessories.

“We continue to innovate and lead this space because of our technology and the fact we build it from a dealer’s perspective,” said Don O’Neil, general manager of CreditMiner. “With the release of DealerAR, we are taking a huge leap forward. We are coming full circle in providing our dealers with the ability to give an unparalleled consumer experience in Sales, Service, and F&I while changing the very way they engage that client.”

By using the augmented reality solution, officials claim, that dealerships will be able to better illustrate and justify proposed repairs to customers. In the event that a customer isn’t at the dealership, DealerAR allows dealers to send emails to customers in augmented reality to show them a proposed repair, and exactly how it would be executed.

“The application can be utilized during vehicle check-in, service sales, or in a showroom sales presentation. The experience brings deep interaction with the consumer, allowing for visual explanations that go far beyond static phots,” O’Neil said. “It also truly provides a fully augmented reality experience that increases engagement and lowers the barriers normally presented during service lane sales interactions.”

The software will also enable dealers to automatically convert any standard high-definition photo into a real-time augmented reality experience for a consumer on a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.  

DealerAR will be introduced under the company’s Basis2sm suite of products, a sales and F&I platform that allows consumers to get prequalified without the need of their Social Security number or date of birth and without hurting their credit score, according to officials.

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