DETROIT — SmartAuction, Ally Financial’s online used-vehicle auction, has signed an agreement with vAuto’s Auction Genius, a web-based auction software solution for auto dealers. The agreement provides registered SmartAuction dealers with a window to SmartAuction’s vehicle listings through the Auction Genius dashboard.

Featuring a simple combined screen view, dealers using Auction Genius can quickly evaluate more vehicles in less time and participate in more auctions. The technology offers users complete vehicle condition, history and book value reports in a single display. It incorporates both local auction and vehicle specific information to help dealers make smarter buying decisions. The connection went live this week.

“Our customers have told us that they value the unique suite of tools Auction Genius provides them,” said Steve Kapusta, vice president of SmartAuction. “As our industry begins to return to normal used-vehicle inventory levels, SmartAuction and Auction Genius are hitting the accelerator to find new ways of providing value and making it easier than ever for dealers to find the right vehicles for their market.”
Todd Kinzle, co-founder and director of operations for Auction Genius, added, “The agreement with SmartAuction advances our mission to help dealers acquire more used vehicles in less time. Our platform now includes all of the ‘Big 3’ wholesale auction providers — Adesa, Manheim and SmartAuction — that dealers rely on to source used vehicles.”