WESTERVILLE, Ohio — National Auto Care (NAC), an administration of vehicle service agreement products and developer of an e-contracting solution, announced the launch of NAC ExpressLane 3.0, a next-generation e-contracting and business management solution.

NAC’s ExpressLane, which debuted national in 2010, was originally built to address efficiency gaps and sales challenges within the service contract market. The user-friendly online solution has since grown exponentially and become the foundation of a broad host of forward-thinking, technology-driven business products and services now available through NAC.

The proprietary software currently provides dealers/sellers with real-time access to rates and on-the-spot contract creation/submission. The system also features areas to save draft contracts, recall, edit, or submit contracts in batches later. It also offers zero percent contract financing. For agents, it provides fast rate development tools, custom reports, forms and marketing material directories. In addition, NAC ExpressLane has interactive functionality and the capability for endless expansion, according to the company.

“NAC’s goal is, and always has been, to support and respond to our agent, dealer and financial institution clients quickly and efficiently,” said Christina Schrank, president of NAC. “These ExpressLane enhancements, our continued technology development, and seamless integration solutions are not reactionary, but visionary, results-driven advancements focused on ensuring growth and success.”

New features equipping NAC’s ExpressLane 3.0 system include:

• NAC Express Pay provides clients with the final step necessary to submit payments by ACH for their service contract sales.

• eSignature for SPP enables clients to sign SPP documents online from any device and instantly submit securely.

• Agent-Managed Live Announcements is a new tool designed to allow the company’s agents to post communications, including live news and updates online to the ExpressLane home pages of each of their clients. 

• Online Cancellation Quotes enable clients to enter contract information online and get quick refund details online, anytime.

To learn more or view a live demo of NAC ExpressLane, visit www.nacsolution.com.